The Computer science is the soul and psyche of many engineering branches. These fields are instrumental in bringing the world where it is today. The department has well-qualified and experienced faculty who are specialists in the areas of Database, data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Operating systems, computer Networks , Artificial neural networks, information security ,computer Graphics, image processing and programming Languages. There are 14 faculty members with good amount of teaching experience in these different areas.

The Department has ambient class rooms and air conditioned state-of-the- art Laboratories. Each class is equipped with Information and communication technologies (ICT) enabled learning technologies. The department has over 240 systems with intranet and 2 MBPS internet connectivity. With constant upgradation in a bid to provide the students and staff with state-of-the-art facilities, the institute has earned a reputation of excellence across a range of computer-based disciplines. Its Comprehensive infrastructure includes 4 servers, 250 desktops and 30 Printers.

The hallmark of the computer center is its balanced consideration of technological capability and human utility. In the labs students can work on Oracle, .NET, C,C++, Tomcat web server, Apache, Net beans, ASP and JSP.

Linux Centre:
The centre is equipped with 30 systems installed with Linux to train students on open source software. Students can make use of this center to develop applications on open source technologies like PHP, PERL etc.

The Programming Languages Laboratory:
This lab consists of 60 systems. Here, students work in high level programming languages like C, C++, VC++, core JAVA and COBOL.

Multimedia and web Technologies Laboratory:
Equipped with 30 Computers , used for MultiMedia programming. It focuses on training students in multi media tools like Adobe Photo shop, Flash etc..

RDBMS Laboratory:
The RDBMS has more than 60 computers, used for information processing and data retrieval and some of the actively pursued fields in this lab. Students use ORACLE, MySQl etc in this lab.

Advanced Computing Laboratories:
The advanced computing lab is facilitated with 60 systems to train the students in Micro soft Products and technologies installed for mini and major project works. Providing with Sun Microsystems J2EE and J2ME utilities.

The department encourages students to participate in numerous symposiums, paper and poster presentations, youth festivals, technical training courses and communication skills improve etc.Students are made to under go Industrial training program, industrial visits , where they sharpen their technical skills and understand the working conditions and environment of industry. The department tries to prepare the students to pursue leadership, technical and management skills to obtain top-notch placements at leading companies.